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About Dale.........

I was born in 1959 close to my mother. I was the last of three children and clearly an unintended accident. My next oldest sibling is eight years older than I.

I played football in high school and still hold records for the longest field goal (38 yards) and most points scored from kicking field goals and extra points. And played quarterback.

I graduated from a high school in western Massachusetts in a small town with a senior class of 95 students. Five of us were cousins.

My photography passion started in high school and my first camera was a Canon AE-1.

I was the only one in my high school to have a key to the darkroom because I was the only one who knew how to use it. And I did use it………if the administrators of the school only knew. There was more than just stop baths and fixer going on in there.

I attended Hallmark Institute of Photography. Photography, and a little red Chevy Monza, took me from western Massachusetts to Seattle. I worked in two studios and still remained broke.

In 1984, life took a big turn from photography, sold all my gear, met a girl and got married. Eighteen months later we had our first child. Clearly an unintended accident.

I graduated from the University of Washington, became an accountant, bought a house, had two more children, moved to Oregon, and got a dog.

We live in Utah now; I have multiple wives (no, just kidding…..really, one is plenty), ski, cycle, and have returned to my love of photography after a thirty-five year absence.

I have been fortunate to travel many places in this world. I lived in China and India for 3 ½ months in 2007. My family was with me for 6 weeks of that time. It is an experience I will never forget.

I am fortunate to be able to admire light, color and contrast. And capture it with my camera.

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